Colorado Criminal Record Resources

Adult Criminal Record

Arrest Only

You may be eligible to clear your Colorado criminal record if you were arrested but not formally charged, you were acquitted at trial, or your trial was dismissed. If your case was dismissed due to a plea bargain, you may file a motion for expungement 15 years after the final day of settlement and if you have not been charged with a crime for 15 or more years.

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Conviction or Other Disposition

Colorado criminal conviction records may be sealed under limited circumstances.

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Juvenile Criminal Record

Not Adjudicated

If you were arrested and released as a juvenile, your Colorado juvenile criminal record may be sealed under certain circumstances.

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All but serious violent offenses are eligible for expungement from your Colorado juvenile criminal record.

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Pardon & Other Relief

If you are not eligible to have your Colorado criminal record expunged/sealed, you still may be eligible for a pardon or other relief.

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